About Us

eStartups is developing an ecosystem in India to inspire and support students, aspiring entrepreneurs and startups to solve persistent problems, develop breakthrough innovations and create world class enterprises. eStartups is a platform for new age entrepreneurs and young minds to transform their innovative ideas into viable business propositions. Our primary goal is to facilitate a platform for a budding entrepreneur to start a business venture with minimum risks.

eStartups is the platform where we share new business ideas, new products, new business process innovations, success stories. We also help startups up to the extent helping setting up their business or solving problems in existing business. The objective is purely business. Yes we also brainstorm on other members business ideas...

We are here to share our knowledge and experience and to bring hidden entrepreneurship in front of the world, and if anyone will got success due to this group, we feel that our purpose has solved.


Our Values

We discover potential and clinch thoughts with a “we can” approach. As said, “nothing is impossible”, we try to provide solutions for every query.

We go steadily! We work on the traditional concept as “slow and steady wins the race”; to make sure we reach the top notch.

We are zealous! We loom our objective with the passion to get the job done timely, with the defined parameters.

We are devoted pupil! Learning is an ongoing process, and we follow the same concept, so as to create something innovative.

We survive to help! We are always here to help you. Join us, and we will help to get through.