Guidelines of Rajasthan Govt for Startups at Idea Stage

Guidelines of Rajasthan Govt for Startups at Idea Stage

Guidelines of Rajasthan Government Startup Ploicy for Startups at Idea / Prototype Stage

1. Individuals / Startups that are based in Rajasthan, are at an idea stage / prototype stage and have not launched the product in the market, can apply for Assistance under this Scheme. Rs 10,000 per month will be provided as sustenance allowance for upto 12 months to the selected startups /ideas.

2. Only Innovative Projects by individuals / Startups will be supported under this Scheme.

3. Startups can be registered as a proprietorship / partnership / private limited company / LLP / Society / Section 8 Company / Trust / OPC.

4. The application for funding support would need to be submitted through a State Government or Central Government recognised Incubation Centre in Rajasthan.

5. The funding support under this scheme will be made available to ensure achievement of the following objectives:

a. Undertaking work towards development of a working / functioning prototype
b. Undertaking market research and customer validation for commercialisation of the idea / prototype

6. The financial support under this scheme is not an award or a prize or a research fellowship. The financial support is provided to support individuals / early stage startups to undertake prototype development / refinement and customer validation activities.

7. Projects relating to pure software development / mobile app development or those involving pure academic research are not eligible for this grant. Software development products that are disruptive, innovative and with mass impact may be considered for the grant.

8. The applicant has to be the startup. The grant would be released to the account registered in the name of the startup applying and not in the name of the individual.

9. Students pursuing long term research projects like doctoral research projects or similar purely academic projects will not be supported; however student entrepreneurs will be eligible if they are pursuing a project that has potential commercial viability and are incubated at a State or Central Government recognised Incubation Centre in Rajasthan and can get a letter from their Institute allowing them to work full time on the startup project.

10. The application should include the following information about the project. However you are free to add any other information that you may feel is relevant to the project. Please limit the application to 3 pages (excluding the cover page, if any) with 12 font size of Times New Roman or Calibri.

A. General Information and Particulars

• Name of the Applicant Applying on behalf of the Startup (Key Person):
• Father’s name/Husband’s name
• Permanent Address of the Person Applying on Behalf of the Startup:
• Name of the Startup:
• Legal Entity of the Startup
• Registered Address of the Startup:
• Details of the Bank Account in the name of Startup (if any):

B. Details of the Startup / Idea

• What is the pain point solved by the proposed innovation / idea and who is the target user / beneficiary of the innovation?
• How is the idea better and different from equivalent products and services currently available in the market?
• What will be the main / core features of the proposed product?
• How do you plan to commercialise the idea / innovation?

C. Status of work already carried out (if any)

• Have you developed a model / working prototype?
• Provisional application for patent?
• Paper presentations / publications / college project
• Any other

D. Work Plan for the next 6 months

E. Details of any financial support / awards / recognitions received for the idea / prototype by the Startup.

11. Please send the duly filled up Application Form to <apply@startupoasis.in> or send the hard copy to Scouting Manager, Startup Oasis, M7, Software Building, EPIP, Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur – 302 022, Rajasthan as per the prescribed format.

Click here to Download - Guidelines of Rajasthan Government Startup Ploicy for Startups at Idea / Prototype Stage

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